Cash For Vans in Los Angeles, California Call Greg At (310)433-4625

Cash For Vans in Los Angeles! All Makes and Models.

Cash For VansPlease contact us if you would like quick cash for your van. We are located in the city of North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley. If you have a van and would like to get rid of it for quick cash please call me Greg at (310)433-4625. We are open to all years, makes, and models.

We buy vans that have issues too. We buy vans that have failed smog. Did your van fail smog and the mechanic told you it was going to cost a fortune to fix? Are you in a bind now that you can not re-register your vehicle? Was your van deemed a “gross polluter.” Instead of calling me you can also fill out our online form.

We also buy salvage vans too. We are the people to call for a quick cash transaction. No putting up adds and dealing with the public. Don’t worry about people wasting your time. It’s much more convenient to just sell your van to us.

If you don’t want to sell your van and would like to get a loan on it instead you may want to consider a car title loan. Car title loans other wise known as “U Drive Loans” have grown more in popularity due to the poor economy. Many people are just getting by. They don’t have any savings and are in a bind to pay bills. These types of loans are short term high interest loans. Your vehicle is the collateral in the loan.  The benefit to pink slip loans is that you can continue to use your vehicle while you are paying it off. They are not like pawns. You can continue to use your vehicle to get to work, run errands, pick up your kids, whatever. Give us a shot and thank you for your consideration.

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