Lost My Car Title Now What? How to get the Title if you are Missing It

Lost My Car Title

Here are some tips pertaining to California.

If you are looking for the title to your vehicle you either want to sell it, get a loan on it, donate it, or send it to the junkyard.

If you can’t find the title to your vehicle¬† you can always give a duplicate “if” they will accept it. You can download a duplicate title in PDF Format, fill it out, print it and sign it right there. Make sure you fill out sections 1, 3, and 4. Now if there was a lien on the car, line 5 is where the lien holder released interest in the vehicle. This section has to be notarized.

Lost My Car TitleYou may go to the DMV with a duplicate title and they tell you there is still a lienholder listed on the title of the vehicle and you can’t register that car until you have resolved the issue.

If the car has been paid off you can get a lien satisfied signed and notarized by the lender. However if there is still a lien on the car and it hasn’t been paid off they wont issue and actual title until it has. In some cases there might be a pay off in order to get the title. The seller will pay the loan balance off with the buyers money and then hand over the title as soon as the lien holder releases it.This is why you have to be weary of duplicate titles. They are not the actual title so you have no way of knowing if the car still has a lien holder, if the car is salvaged, if the person selling it to you is the actual registered owner of the vehicle.

You can find out if the vehicle is salvaged or not by running a vehicle history report. In order to find out if there is still a lien on a vehicle you will have to get a KSR Report. Be careful and don’t trust people. What if they lie to you and you can’t ever find them and you have a car you can’t register.

Be weary of duplicate titles. It’s better to have the actual title to the vehicle. If you lost your title you can go to the DMV and apply for a new one to be sent to you. You will have to fill out the REG 227 and submit it. They will send you another title in the mail. If you want to sell us your car or are interested in a title loan contact us or call (310)433-4625.

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